My name is io Bru and I’m sure we can make great art & business together!

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(+34) 626 972 558 // Skype “Torregrosabru”
Currently in Spain after being in The Alps, Scotland, China, UK, Germany and India. Very nomad nature!

Digital nomad, adventurer and sea lover. Explorer, researcher and mentor. Illustrator, writer and entrepreneur. Business owner.

Responsible of the online platform Ilustrando Dudas, a referential site in Spanish for beginner illustrators, focused on professional training and specialized mentoring.

Nowadays my career tries to combine and balance my entrepreneur, researcher, communicator and mentor side through my business and the development of my illustrator, writer and art director side to feel more fulfilled creative-wise.

If you feel like including an add-on to this list, please say hello and suggest a challenge! I’ll be waiting for you 😉